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Book & Bucket Shakespeare Sheep's Brie

150 g
To Brie or not to Brie?

Shakespeare is our white bloom rind cheese and is made from 100% Sheep’s milk. This soft cheese is individually salted by hand, matured at 90% humidity to prevent moisture loss and hand turned daily.

Shakespeare has been recently awarded both the Gold standard at the @tasteofthewestflc given 2 Stars at the @guildoffinefood Great Taste Awards and features on restaurant menus across Dorset.

A judge at the Great Taste Awards described our cheese beautifully… “A very attractive little cheese with a softly delicate bloomy rind that melts in the mouth. The cheese inside is soft and creamy with hints of hay and farmyard and fresh air. It melts on the tongue, leaving a soft creamy rich cheese with notes of lactic acid just at the back of the tongue. Milky and clean, this is a really delicious cheese.”