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Truffled Baron Bigod

250 g


Award winning Baron Bigod cheese with a layer of homemade raw mascarpone, infused with the finest black truffles. Beneath the nutty, mushroomy rind, Baron Bigod has a smooth, silky golden breakdown which will often ooze out over a layer of our unctuous truffle-infused mascarpone. You will find long lasting flavours of warm earth, farmyard and mushrooms.

Baron Bigod is made by hand in small batches, very early in the morning so that we can use the raw milk still warm, straight from the cow at the perfect temperature for cheesemaking. The mould cultures are added to the warm morning’s milk and it is gently gravity fed into small vats just a few metres from the milking parlour, where the rennet is added. The curds are carefully hand-ladled into large moulds, using traditional pelle-a-brie ladles and the young cheeses are hand salted and then aged for up to 8 weeks in a cave-like environment. Baron Bigod is truly unique to Fen Farm.

Its flavours, aromas and characteristics change with the seasons. It is a unique expression of the incredible milk of free-ranging Montbeliarde cows and the diversity of our wildlife-rich grazing marshland.

A true and edible account of the “terroir” of our special part of Suffolk, nestled in the elbow of the Waveney River Valley.