Frequently Asked Questions:

Delivery Related


- How long will my delivery take?

We aim to deliver locally within two business days of placing an order and in most cases can deliver next day.


Please note some items require us to give our partners a bit of notice, for example if ordering bread, we need to let the Forest Bakery know by 10am the day before, so an order containing baked items will usually take 2 business days. 

- Can I choose a delivery day?

Of course! Right now our website isn't smart enough to select specific delivery slots so please send us a message on check-out for your preferred day. 

- I might not be home for delivery?

We can if necessary leave deliveries in a safe place (please let us know on check-out) but we always prefer greeting you at the door while observing social distancing. If leaving in a safe place we will take a picture of the delivered goods and send you a confirmation text. We do not take liability for goods once delivery has taken place. 

Can I order for a friend or loved one?

Of course! Just let us know so we don't include the invoice on delivery. We can also include a handwritten message for the recipient.

- Do you observe best social distancing practices?

We take COVID-19 very seriously. When delivering to residential addresses we will leave your produce on your doorstep, knock/ring the door bell and stand back at least two metres. When delivering to blocks of flats face masks are worn by our delivery drivers and hand sanitiser is used both before and after delivery. We observe best social distancing practices with all elements of running the business to reduce the risk of any of our team catching COVID-19. 


- Are you sustainable?

Our produce comes from the local area, direct from local farmers, suppliers and independent businesses. We try to keep everything on our website as locally sourced as possible and in nearly all cases from within the South West. With items from further afield we use the next best, have a look at our Mr. Organic pastas and tinned range!


We carefully choose which partners we work with and make sure that we share the same values. We're partisans of produce in trying to change the supermarket shop to a more sustainable local shopping approach.


Don't just take our word for it, read below what some of our partners do to help tackle climate change:

Chew Valley Dairy who are also New Manor Farm where our butchers meats come from have been organically farming for over 30 years. They are also one of the few farms in the UK to process their farm by-products into clean low carbon energy which not only powers the farm, but homes in the neighbouring area! 

Lost Horizon Coffee offset the carbon produced (from farm to cup) twice. This means they give back double the resources used, including boiling your kettle to brew it. Working with their partners Reforestum, trees are planted in their forest, Genesis, in Spain. All packaging is also recyclable and bio-degradable.

Harts Seafoods products are predominantly sourced from local day boats this means that they come from smaller, more sustainable and better cared for catches.

- Do you use plastic packaging?

In most cases we don't unless it is an outsourced item which is already in plastic.


Our fruit and veg boxes are 99%* plastic free! Some items like fresh berries and cucumbers may come in plastic, but the majority unlike a supermarket does not.


We buy our fruit and veg fresh each morning from the Fruit Market in Bristol and we deliver in repurposed fruit/vegetable boxes which you can keep or recycle as you please!


Other items like pantry, meats and fish etc. are delivered in paper bags and if delivered in plastic it is largely recyclable. 

Product Information

Nuts and allergies

We try to list as much product information as possible on our website, if you have allergies please always consult the product packaging or the manufacturers website for further information. We store various packaged products which contain nuts, and some of suppliers do work with nuts so we cannot guarantee cross contamination. 

- Can I customise my fruit & veg box? ​


Absolutely! We want you to receive exactly what you want. We have several mixed fruit and veg boxes available, if you don't like something in your box, send us a message on check-out with a replacement preference and we'll do our best! We want to minimise food waste as best as possible. 

- Can I request items not displayed on the website?

If we can source it, then yes! For example, we have access to a very extensive list of cheeses which can be ordered in. 

Something else we can help you with?

Please contact us directly if you have any other questions.