Our Story

We deliver exceptional local produce while providing the closest to home and most sustainable shopping experience that we can.

  Shopping with Partisan Produce means directly supporting local farmers, independent shops and businesses across the South West. 


New Manor Farm


We're based in the Chew Valley just 12 miles south of Bristol where we are surrounded by exceptional producers including Chew Valley Dairy for our milk, New Manor Farm Shop for our butchers and Greenacres Farm for our free-range eggs! 



By shopping with Partisan Produce you are actively reducing food miles!

All of our produce comes direct from local farmer, producer or supplier meaning a much shorter supply chain and reduced food miles compared to doing a conventional supermarket shop.


Chew Valley Dairy


We launched in 2020 initially as a Veg Box scheme which quickly grew into a locally focussed grocery service.

In 2022 we are continuing deliver to homes across Bristol & Somerset and you can also find us at various farmers markets across the South West during the weekends. 

We hope that you join our Partisan movement of eating better, locally sourced produce.

The South West is full of flavour - find some of the best of it with us.