Skates and rays are a large group of fish that are caught worldwide. They can be of a considerable size with a flat body, large fins and a long whip-like tail. Skate is the wings or fins of a cartilaginous flatfish. The meat has a distinctive taste and fibrous texture.


Skate wings are ready to go, once cooked you can scrape the flesh off the cartilage like bones with a fork.


Please note that Skate wings are priced at £10.50/1kg. Each wing is different so the weights and prices are indicitive, meaning their may be a small additional amount to pay on delivery.


We recommened an individual skate wing of approximately 400g per person, this is inclusive of the cartilidge like bones. 

Skate Wing 400g - 600g

  • Sustainabilty rating; 5

    Availability rating: High

    MCS Rating:

    This is a rating given by the Marine Conservation Society, 1 is the best 5 is the worst, there are lots of factors to consider like where and how the fish is caught. In some cases there is not any info available so where we can we have given the rating that has the closest match.

    Availability Rating:

    Some fish are only around at certain times of the year, high means we normally have it, Med means we sometimes have it, and low mean we rarely have any.