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Black Pepper & Garlic Salami - whole

170 g

We have run out of stock for this item.


We use plenty of whole black Tellicherry peppercorns to ensure that we stay true to our promise to deliver robust flavours. The presentation is fantastic as a knife will pass easily through the peppercorn. The garlic is pronounced but not overpowering and compliments perfectly.



As a sausage it is best enjoyed as anti pasta. Great with red or white wine - try to avoid the heavier reds.



Our Salami is fully preserved and will keep for up to three months from purchase but it does need continued care to ensure that it does not get too dry too soon. Our Salami is safe to be kept at ambient temperatures. However, we have found that the best way to preserve the high quality is to wrap it tightly in a freezer bag, or similar air tight wrapping, and store in the fridge. Once started, cut a very thin piece from the open end and discard each time you take it out. Slice thinly and leave to reach room temperature before serving.