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Chew Valley Dairy Semi Skimmed - 1lt Glass Bottle


Chew Valley Dairy conventional milk is Farm Assured certified, has a 3.6g fat content and is available in 1 litre sizes.

If this is your first time purchasing glass bottle milk from us, please add a glass bottle to your order for £1.00  

You can keep the glass bottle or have us collect it on your next order! 

Typical Nutritional Values Per 100ml:

Energy, 209kJ/50kcal. Fat, 1.7g. of which saturates, 1.1g. Carbohydrate, 4.8g. of which sugars, 4.8g. Protein, 3.6g. Salt, 0.1g.

Please remember to leave the bottle out for collection in a thoroughly cleaned state. We will also commercially clean each bottle prior to reusing.