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El Danubio, Colombia 250g


After a 90 hour extended fermentation to bring out more fruits, florals and sweetness, this stunning example of Colombian coffee presents a bouquet of flavours with underlying tropical tones.

Extended Fermentation, then Fully Washed

Castillo, Colombia & Canicafe

1850 m.a.s.l.

Tasting notes
Plums - Candied Orange - Hibiscus

Produced by Luis Alejandro Sanchez on his farm "El Danubio". This 5 hectare farm is located in the municipality of Santuario, Risaralda in an area called "La Linda". Luis Sanchez is a 2nd generation coffee grower, his father, Jesús María Sánchez, taught him the love and pride of working at the farm and how to grow different crops including coffee.

Currently, Luis Sanchez grows Castillo Rosario, Variedad Colombia and Cenicafé 1 cultivars, alongside plantain. His current processing method consists of floating the coffee, fermenting it for up to 90 hours, washing it and sun drying it for two weeks.

This method has resulted in a stunning example of Colombian coffee with gentle fruit and floral tones.

The carbon footprint from this coffee's journey has been offset twice.
This includes boiling your kettle to brew it.

The packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.