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Fussels Somerset Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil 500ml


I enjoy every minute of the nurturing of my single cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil, from seed to bottle. Once harvested, we store the black seed pearls, before releasing their golden treasure by single cold pressing it on the farm to produce an extra virgin rapeseed oil of the highest quality.

It is a fantastic and obvious choice as your everyday cooking oil for a number of important reasons:

Compared to olive oil……

  1. It has half the saturated fat.
  2. It has 10 x the essential fatty acid Omega 3.
  3. It cooks to a higher temperature, making it a more versatile cooking oil.


  • It compliments the flavour of your food
  • As we store the seed, not the oil, what we bottle and sell as Fussels single cold pressed extra virgin oil is always fresh.
  • My oil is grown by me, so you can be sure of what it is, where it comes from and that it is always of the highest quality.