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Ibanda, Uganda 250g


A totally delicious, fruit forward and bright banger from Uganda's fly-crop harvest. Expect a juicy apricot syrup, guaranteed to rise an eyebrow.


Heirloom, SL14 & SL28

1600 - 2000m.a.s.l.

Tasting notes
Dried Apricot - Blueberry - Syrup

Ibanda is a village in the northern part of Kasese District, situated in one of the many valleys of the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. Farmers typically have between 1 and 2 acres of land and coffee is their main crop. Farmers have been shown how to improve their yields by using good

agricultural practices and the quality of their harvests has been greatly improved by encouraging farmers to only pick the fully ripe cherries.

Ripe, red coffee cherries are harvested daily during the harvest season and taken to Ibanda. The cherries are weighed, assessed for quality and the farmers are paid in cash. From here trucks carry the cherries to Bugoye Coffee Station.

Here the cherries are floated and graded before being sun-dried in the polytunnels to protect them from rain. The team turns the cherries several times each day to ensure even drying whilst allowing the cherries to mature and develop their full, rich flavours.