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Large Family Mixed Fruit & Veg Box

£30.00 £35.00

Our large sized family fruit and veg box which has a great mix of fresh fruit and veggies. We try to keep the contents the same with this box.

Bunch of bananas
6 Royal Gala Apples
4 Large oranges
2 Lemons
1 Punnet of Berries
1 Cos Lettuce
1 Iceberg Lettuce
1 Cucumber
2 Red peppers
1 Aubergine
2kg Washed white potatoes
500g Sweet potatoes
1 Cauliflower
1 Broccoli
1 bunch of Carrots
1 Savoy Cabbage
1 Large Leek
500g Vine Tomatoes
1 Punnet of White Mushrooms
500g Red Onions
2 Heads of Garlic

And.. 1 seasonal Veg (Squash/Swede/Celeriac etc.)

Add extra items from our greengrocers list if you fancy it!

Some items may vary depending on what is available to us and what is currently in season. Not a fan of something above? Send us a message on check-out and we will do our best to accommodate your requests!