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Pavé Cobble - Ewes

200 g

Pave Cobble cheese is a delicate ewes’ milk pyramid from Somerset that swept the board at the 2017 British Cheese Awards, winning Best Fresh Cheese, Best Speciality Cheese, Best English Cheese and finally, Supreme Champion.

Made by White Lake, which is famous for its goats’ milk cheeses, but this time from ewes’ milk that is sourced from a small family farm five miles away.

This lactic cheese is delicately hand-ladled before being salted, “charcoaled”, and then matured for around three weeks to form a wrinkly rind, which protects the light mousse-like core.

The cheese is named in celebration of the Spring classic bike races on the cobbled roads in Belgium and northern France, the winner of which receives an actual cobble as a prize. These roads are called pavés. Hence the name of the cheese.