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Special Blend No. 1 250g


Showcasing rich and balanced flavours, great for all types of brewing.


Red Catuai & Hierloom

Tasting notes
Sweet Fruits - Chocolates - Fudge

In celebration of this season’s harvests, we decided to create a blend with our 2 favourite coffees, featuring Bristol's best art.

From opposite ends of the globe, these two very different and unique coffees have been roasted separately and then blended to form a magic mix of beautiful flavours.

A naturally processed coffee from the Rwenzori mountain range of Uganda, brimming with fruity characteristics, is complimented by a rich and full-bodied naturally processed coffee from Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Great for filter and espresso brewing alike, Special Blend No. 1 has tasting notes of sweet fruits, chocolates and fudge.

Original artwork by Tom Miller printed on postcards sent out with each bag.